Cherokee & Bailey


Cherokee "Cher Cher"

Type: Umbrella Cockatoo

Age: about 25 years

About me: Cherokee is the mascot of Pet Zone! He (we are not sure of his sex, as he has never been DNA tested) excitedly greets everyone who comes to see him and loves putting on a show for our customers. 

Cherokee loves snuggles with our employees and playing with everything from keys to plastic cups to dust pans!

His favorite snacks include dried banana chips, cooked pasta and fresh apples.

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Type: Blue & Gold Macaw

Age: about 20 years

About me: Bailey is one bossy bird, as most macaws are. She (we are not sure of her sex, as she has never been DNA tested) has her favorite people but still enjoys showing off every now and then for the customers.

Her favorite snacks include Cap'n Crunch, bananas and peanuts.


We love our birds!

Next time you're in, say hello to Cher and Bailey in the back of the store!