Success stories

Karma the Ferret

This is Karma. I got her from you in April of 2016. She is full of energy, loves to play, & is always making us laugh. She will be three on Valentine’s Day! Thank you so much, couldn’t imagine life without her!

- Sarah Gillette Balut 


Chloe & cosmo the conures

 It’s Chloe and Cosmo purchased 6/15 and 8/02/18. Female pineapple Conures.  They are the best of friends! Chloe thinks she’s the boss and is very cuddly. Cozzi is friendly but has to be with Chloe at all times. 

-Noelle Marchese


Yoshi the uromastyx

 Yoshi, a female Saharan Uromastyx, was purchased from The Pet Zone about 10 years ago as a chubby baby- she’s been healthy and happy since I got her, and has become very good friends with the cat. She has a great personality and loves eating dandelions from the yard in the summer. I’m very happy I chose the pet zone for all of my reptile needs, I’ve only had wonderful experiences since. 

-Laura Solomon


Storm the Bearded Dragon

This is Storm, a bearded dragon I bought from you back in August. Definitely a fiesty one, your store helped me set up a basic tank, and answered all my questions regarding a bioactive setup for him. You've always been available for any questions and concerns I have, and I'm very grateful for all the help and guidance you've offered. 

-Matthew Charles


Georgie the Ball Python

This is Georgie! He's a ball python that I got from you guys. He was listed as a super fly pin morph and hes just stunning! He's the sweetest little dude and really enjoys exploring!! 

-Sarah McPhail


Mamma Mia the Tarantula

This is Mamma Mia, the chromatus I just got from The Pet Zone! She is all sass she often does a threat pose.

-Sarah James